Christmas in...well, most everywhere!

Hello & long time no everything. So the latest attempts have been to reach out to those year-round Christmas stores. Surprisingly they're mostly in the south. Hey -- I'm from the south! We have two things in common! Well, not so fast. So far of the 19 stores I've attempted to contact, none have reached back. Maybe they're on vacation, maybe they're threatened by how great the book is or maybe they're fronts for underground reindeer fights. Either way, keep your fingers, toes, or hooves crossed that one of these stores realizes the benefit of carrying the book.

Today is the anniversary of reaching our Kickstarter goal. Though I never lost faith as I saw the illustrator turn my words into pictures. But today was the day it all became real with 'turning back' not an option. Thanks to all who supported us through that stage & continue to do so even today. It means the world to us!

And lastly, I have two bands kicking around the thought of writing a new carol based upon the book. Cool, right? Stay tuned... literally.

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