Days of Whine and Roses

Hello. Long time no post.

With the crucial help of others I finalized a marketing plan. It outlines & shines a light on what needs to be done this year. Not only was it helpful for setting & committing to goals but also it was a requirement for submitting to a giant of the distribution world: Baker & Taylor. Today, after much nail biting I finally sent B&T’s packet off. I still haven’t heard from Barnes & Noble, the LAPL, the LA Unified School District nor Bookazine. But maybe this is the one. If not, it forced me to do what I had to do, any ways. If not, I’m out another book. If not, at least we have the satisfaction of knowing we’re doing what has to be done to get the book distributed. Nobody promised me a rose garden; but it’d be nice if the wind would change course so that the fragrance could waft our way once in a while. Stay tuned...

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