This is a blog. It's for blogging. I'm going to blog about my children's Christmas picture book How The Candy Cane Got Its Stripes. It needs to be blogged about. As if I didn't have enough to do figuring out how to market/sell my own book, now I'm a blogger, too (incidentally, I'd rather be writing fiction. Wanna know why writers stop writing? They self-publish a book.). BUT I'm expecting great blogs to happen here. And you should, too.

Unfortunately, this isn't one of them. Bear with me & stay tuned because some day, when you least expect it or don't really have the time to read one -- BAM! -- it'll come.

Some blogs here will make you laugh. Some will make you wince. Some will make you cry. Yet all will be truthful & passionate & blogged only with the best of intentions of turning this into a global sensation!.

Thanks for tuning in. Let's enjoy this ride of self-publishing together. All the best.

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